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Headlight Restoration

Reyes Auto Detailing's Headlight Restoration service is the perfect solution to restore clarity and brightness to your vehicle's headlights. I utilize top-notch tools and techniques to ensure your headlights look brand new.

What makes the headlight restoration service unique is the level of attention to detail I provide. I don't just sand away the hazy surface; I also polish and seal the lenses to prevent future oxidation. The service not only improves the appearance of your headlights but also enhances your vehicle's safety by improving visibility while driving at night.

I understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in top condition. This service not only saves you money by avoiding a costly replacement but also ensures that your car looks its best.

Don't let your hazy headlights compromise your vehicle's appearance and safety. Let Reyes Auto Detailing's Headlight Restoration service bring back the shine and brightness of your headlights. Contact me now to schedule your appointment and experience the difference for yourself!

$65.00 Starting price

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