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Bring Back That Shine

Bring Back That Shine is the ultimate solution for car owners who wish to restore their vehicles to their former glory.

This treatment includes a foam wash, iron remover, clay bar treatment, wheel and tire deep cleaning and dressing, and window cleaning. But what sets this service apart is the signature paint enhancement process, which brings back that gloss in the paint and leaves your car looking as good as new.

I use a 6-plus ceramic polymer sealant that provides long-lasting protection from the elements. This leaves your car with a high-gloss finish that stays that way for weeks, even in tough weather conditions.

At Reyes Auto Detailing, I understand that your car is a reflection of you. That's why I provide personalized service to each of my clients. No matter how unique your needs are, I will work with you to create a tailored solution that works for you.

I'll go to your Waxhaw location today and let you experience the magic of "Bring Back That Shine." Your car will thank you for it! Contact me now to schedule your appointment.

$225.00 Starting price

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